San Diego always has beneficial volunteer work available no matter what season! Check out our top 3:

1. I Love A Clean San Diego:  I Love a Clean San Diego has a number of programs. From beach adoptions to huge, semiannual beach cleanup days, this 50-year-old group combines service with the great outdoors at local beaches, canyons, and parks! Bring the family along this weekend and help teach your children the importance of keeping our land here on Earth, clean. There are many options to choose from to further interest specific family members as well!

2. San Diego Food Bank: Volunteers aged 6 and older can help with a huge variety of tasks! Things such as inspecting, sorting, and packing food for distribution work well to help kids realize their importance in the volunteer world. Help the San Diego Food Bank feed 400,000+ hungry San Diegans each month or as often as you can! The world needs YOU! Access their website through the link provided and get started today!

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3. Tecolote Nature Center: Each Saturday, the entire family can work with a park ranger to help clean up the canyon! Super engaging for the kiddos. This park runs along the coast & up to the mouth of Tecolote Canyon! So take some time, and learn lots while pulling weeds and invasive species, and disposing of trash. This gifts the perfect opportunity for your children to learn the benefits of recycling and taking care of our environment! Set a good example and sign up now!

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