How much progress is being made in cleaning up pollution in the ocean? Every year, as thousands of tonnes of plastic and other garbage is dumped into the ocean, a concerted effort must be made simply in order to keep the level of pollution stable, much less reduce it. Evaluating how effective these efforts are at cleaning up the oceans will help to determine what can be done in order to further rehabilitate the polluted seas.

Humans dump nearly 8 million tonnes of plastic garbage into the ocean every year, which contributes to ocean pollution at an alarming rate. Much of the effort to clean up the oceans is done at localized levels, which only allows for regional effects of cleaning to be visible on a day-to-day basis. A coordinated effort to clean up many polluted areas, including the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, is being researched in conjunction with universities around the world, but practical efforts to clean the ocean often require more hands-on, deliberate action from concerned global citizens.


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