Natural disasters occur every year affecting approximately 160 million and killing an estimated 90,000.  A natural disaster cannot be prevented but it is something that people can try to prepare for. They can be most catastrophic when they occur unexpectedly, not giving people the option or opportunity to prepare nor evacuate. Earthquake, tsuanmis, hurricanes, wildfires among other natural disasters result in destruction of our physical, biological and social environment. These life-threatening occurrences have urged people to explore ways of building homes capable of withstanding life’s natural disasters.

Today, there is something called a monolithic dome, which is a home built with the goal of improving the lives of people all around the world. There are companies attempting to design these domes as affordable, safe and easily constructed shelters. The domes are lighting proof, earthquake safe, and “disaster resistant.” So far 49 states and 53 countries have build domes and each dome is built differently. There are now close to 4,000 Monolithic Domes around the world that are insulated, energy efficient and have the ability to survive any natural disaster. These domes offer amazing solutions to social dilemmas and concerns and the need for clean, safe, and affordable housing.




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