Many scientists have been speculating that global warming is going to soon cause the sea level to rise causing flooding all over the world; this will call for a major adaptation of many countries’ coasts so that they do not take major damage. The rising sea levels are a direct result of an increase in the ocean’s overall temperature as well as an increase in the rate of ice mass loss, where segments of an ice glacier fall off and raise the overall sea levels.

It is said that sea levels could rise so dramatically within the next hundred years that the U.K. could experience 93-961 billion worth of Euros in damage. By 2100, it is estimated that close to 3.65 million people will be affected by the sea level rising. 1 in 3 European citizens lives within 50 km of the coast.

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The threat is exponentially higher because of the amount of the ocean’s temperature is increasing within such a small amount of time. Precautionary systems need to be installed that can block out an extra 0.5 to 2.5 meters of seawater.

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