Don’t go downing a bottle of Bacardi just yet, everything in moderation. However, It’s been proven that Rum is one alcoholic beverage that contains more than just a good time. Rum was used vastly during World War I to keep soldiers warm before hitting the muddy trenches all night. They were given about a tablespoon (or a “tot”) of rum and even though it’s not too acceptable in today’s age, it was necessary. Its benefits are as follows:


Rum can prevent heart disease and heart attacks with its power to increase HDL cholesterol, and fight artery blockages. Similar to its friend vodka, rum is a blood thinner. It also can increase bone mineral density and relax your muscles at the same time! Over a longer timeframe of moderate usage,  rum may also prevent osteoporosis and numb some arthritis symptoms.


During the winter flu seasons, it might be nice to slip a shot of rum in your tea. Alcohol has antimicrobial properties which could help fight a cold, (when drank responsibly of course).   There’s also a proven correlation between rum and its downsizing of dementia. One study, in particular, discovered that between rum and red wine, members who drank 2-3 glasses of alcohol encountered lower incidences of dementia over the course of time.

*Always be sure to consume consciously and your life can be benefited greatly!*