NMMF thrives in taking care of Navy marine mammals. Who, because of the unparalleled care of the NMMF team, can live longer than their fellow counterparts in the wild. Between the past 50 years, the Navy Marine Mammal Program has reported over 1,000 scientific publications on marine mammal physiology, medicine, and behavior; making them the largest contributor to marine mammal science. All whilst doing that, the NMMF also:

  • Care for and rehabilitate wild, stranded California sea lion pups during Unusual Mortality Events
  • Assess the health of live, wild bottlenose dolphins and lesions of the dead, stranded dolphins in the Gulf of Mexico following the Deepwater Horizon oil spill
  • Conclude non-invasive breath tests to assess the health of dolphins and other cetaceans
  • Understand and recognize subclinical metabolic conditions present in both wild and managed dolphin populations likely tied to prey changes

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“SDOF leads community supported programs through collaboration to promote ocean sustainability.” Mainly, their mission is to promote ocean maintenance and respect by leading projects supported by the surrounding community. Within the last 20 years, they have spread volunteers throughout the field, docks, and beaches to help promote ocean stewardship. All this is done to fully support the fact that we need to intervene and conserve the natural planet around us at all costs. They’ve dedicated over thousands of hours to the five major areas which have extreme impacts on the quality of our oceans such as fisheries enhancement, pollution prevention, underwater research, boat mooring, and marine science education. Overall, a great organization to get behind and help fund.

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Wildcoast believes that all people have the individual capacity to act in responsible ways that positively affect our local ecosystems and wildlife. They conserve coastal/marine ecosystems and wildlife. It is said that through inspiration, education, and discovery, opportunities for their staff, volunteers and supporters, can be boosted. WC carries out targeted campaigns to build community supports across all borders. Through their hard effort and values, they have the power to kickstart a passion for marine conservation in each and every person that will further benefit our community, and eventually the entire world!. As a community-based organization committed to sustaining coastal and marine ecosystems and wildlife, Wildcoast also believes in and practices:

  • Establishing robust marine protected areas in the Californias and areas of the ocean that are biologically diverse
  • Putting a stop to overfishing and other destructive practices like offshore drilling and deep-sea mining
  • Wildcoast is leading efforts in California to conserve 545,280 acres of MPAs































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